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Memories of Briton Ferry
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News from Wales
Speed limits on five roads ...

A 50mph speed limit on the worst polluted roads in Wales aims to tackle air quality problems.

Welsh and UK governments ag...

The UK and Welsh governments reach agreement over the long-running Brexit "power-grab" row.

How a motorcyclist was driv...

Unravelling the mystery of the motorcyclist's body found on the central reservation of the M4.

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Seven Reasons To Fear Credit Cards

If you don't learn how to control your credit cards, then -- sooner or later -- your credit cards are going to end up controlling you.

I know exactly how it feels to be working for banks and other lenders, as I spent a fair part of the Nineties labouring under the weight of up to thirteen maxed-out credit cards. Having weaned myself off my addiction to overspending, I've vowed not to 'do' debt again. So far, so good.

Although I've had my 'light-bulb moment' and now know how to play the credit-card game to my advantage, the same can't be said for Brits in general. At the end of 2005, there were almost 75 million credit and charge cards in the UK, but only 48 million adults. What's more, at the end of February 2007, we owed around ?55 billion on our credit cards, with three-quarters (75%) of balances being interest-bearing.
By Cliff D'Arcy | 5 April 2007?

Sports Council for Wales
Sports Council for Wales ?

The Sports Council for Wales is urging more projects to come forward to apply for funding such as Community Chest.? Whether you offer members dance classes, aerobics, bowls, table tennis or yoga, adding an active element can revitalise club activity. You may also be entitled to direct funding from the Sports Council, which could fund start up costs, equipment, promotion, instructor hire or training and taster sessions. For more information contact your local office: North Wales: 0845 0450908, Mid and South Wales: 0845 0450904, West Wales: 0845 0450906.? Alternatively visit:


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