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Roads remain closed and rail services are suspended due to flooding in north Wales.

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A former factory worker with the diagnosis says "I'm surprised how much alcohol I could consume".

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News on Briton Ferry
Hughs News

Communities first close their doors at Briton Ferry

†A POPULAR Briton Ferry community education hub is to close.

Community House in Llansawel Crescent, the home of Briton Ferry Community First, will be shutting its doors on December 21.

Barry Cosker informed his fellow councillors at a Briton Ferry Town Council meeting.

"After December 21 any groups or clubs that use the Community House will be offered a venue at the Sea Cadets in Regent Street," he said. "Unfortunately it has got to that stage where there's no money for it any more."

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Thank you Communities First
Cyberzone Computer Club

Hello all,

Well its been a while since posting on here and so many things have changed in our community over the last 12 month.

As we all know times are hard for all of us and we just hope that there are new and better opportunities on the horizon for 2013.

I have read in the paper this evening that the Communities First Centre in Briton Ferry is now coming to an end; I have had the pleasure of working at the Community House at the Cyberzone and just wanted to thank the Communities First team for undertaking such a brilliant job in our area over the last 10 years.

Itís so sad to hear that due to funding the Communities first team will be moving to Neath in December and I would like to wish them all the best in the future.

I would personally like to say a "Big Thank You" to the team past and present for all the great projects that you have completed to enrich our community and the many people that you have helped in Briton Ferry.

Its a shame that a project like this can come to an end as the community changes every year and all communities whether they be rich or poor needs a centre like this.

I think we should celebrate all the good work that you have undertaken and we all hope that a similar facility will still be active in our community in the future.

Many thanks to Leigh, Hilary and Corinne for all your hard work.

Kind regards, Neil Williams

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